Seniors Being Carded at local Restaurants

18 Jul
The latest angle of Identity Theft Even those in their 50 and 60’s are being forced to show their Drivers License to be able to drink alcohol in establishments like Buffalo Wild Wings and other chains because it’s their policy. Employees a…t these establishments have had their bartenders and servers extracting your information when they view your Driver’s License. They target older or retired people that look well-to-do. When you show your Drivers License as an ID your giving out: 1. Your first, middle and last name 2. Your DL number 3. Your Birth date 4. Your complete address This is enough information to get a Social Security card replaced. Using this method those involved in identity theft have been able to “pick” their victims.  If you look to be well-to-do you’re a prime target, it may take a server or bartender a couple of times to remember and write down the information but it is being done. At the store I now use the debit function and if I am carded I will not show my ID – anywhere.

In the Defense of the Constitution:

18 Jul

In the Defense of the Constitution:

No one has changed the Original Constitution of the United States of America though it has continued to be amended. The Amendments are referred to as the Bill of Rights; the Bill of Rights has gone through some changes through the years and will continue to as we change as a people and a nation. Many have been added and  some have been repealed.

Shout Out  “the Bill of Rights has been altered” and you will not get much of a stir, shout out the Constitution has been altered and you could start a riot. Again, the Constitution of The United States of America has not been changed. The 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights has been redefined as most all of the Amendments have throughout the history of the United States of America.

I’ve been seeing posts on how the Constitution has been violated by the NSA’s collection of email and phone data on American citizens. We knew all about this, it’s called the Patriot Act. We were all for it after 9/11 – what’s changed? Anything? Or is someone trying to create a stir based on false accusations and twisted words?

The 4th Amendment was fully ratified in 1791, a bit before computers, email, assault rifles etc. Times change and we need to change with them, we must change with them to remain a viable Nation and to survive.

In August 2008, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review ruled that the President and the Congress had the authority to wiretap international phone calls and intercept e-mail messages without a specific court order.[86]

Lower court findings:

On March 11, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled, in Rehberg v. Paulk, 598 F.3d 1268, that a person does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in an e-mail once any copy of the communication is delivered to a third party.[91]

On December 14, 2010, in United States v. Warshak, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy in his emails and that the government violated Warshak’s Fourth Amendment rights by compelling his internet service provider to turn over his emails without first obtaining a warrant based upon probable cause.[92]

On January 3, 2011, in The People v. Gregory Diaz, the Supreme Court of California ruled for allowing warrantless search by the police of suspects’ cell phones at the time of the arrest, on the grounds of preventing destruction of evidence such as text messages:[93] the loss of privacy upon arrest extends beyond the arrestee’s body to include “personal property… immediately associated with the person of the arrestee” at the time of arrest. […] this loss of privacy entitles police not only to “seize” anything of importance they find on the arrestee’s body […], but also to open and examine what they find.

So I ask you, is there really anything going on right now that has not gone on throughout the history of the United States? This appears to be just another attempt by Conservatives to terrorize the people of this Country via fear and confusion to win support for their agenda which is – never change anything ever.

To what end?

If your political party’s platform is “don’t change anything” you’re going to have to do something to rally supporters. Use issues pertaining to alleged Christian values skewed from an ancient text, use misinformation like they are trying to take our guns away”.. “they are destroying the Constitution” and many, many more. No platform, just accusations and stating we will save you from all of this. No one can make good decisions when fearful and confused, if you keep people off balanced and you offer to remove the fear, they will agree to almost anything.

Conservatives shout out the Nation is sinking into an abyssal. It is, but not because of court decisions pertaining to the protection of American Citizens from: Terrorism, Assault Weapons, Weapons of Mass Destruction, organized crime, the importation of drugs or any other instance that is a threat to us. It’s from not being able to change enough to fit our country and its people progressing in their lives.

I am actually amazed that the bombing in Boston is the first in 12 years of post 9/11. So you think terrorists just stopped trying? They’re afraid of us now right? They have resigned themselves to attacking other countries because it’s easier? I don’t think so. It’s because we are able to change our laws to fit the current situation and protect the people of the United States from outside entities and inside instabilities.

Are the liberals right? No they are not right but at least they use facts and intelligence to determine the right path for the people of the US.

It’s about money and it will always be.

A letter to my Congressman

18 Jul

A letter to my Congressman. July 30, 2011 at 9:49pm Congressman Miller, I’m not writing this out of love or dislike of our President or even about budget practices, I’m writing this note because I am so completely and totally fed up with Washington Politics. I support the currently seated President just as the Military does, like the seated President or not – you stand behind him. If the President doesn’t get it right I’ll vote him out, but I will allow the seated President the latitude to try. The Republican party does not allow this to happen, all matters are battled on the basis of party lines. I don’t believe color or race has anything to do with it, white or black or whatever – the Republican party will grind everyone who is not Republican into the ground. Saying the other guy is doing it also is just more schoolyard antics. Politicians no longer care what we the people want; what matters to politicians is party power and the disruption of other parties power and overriding their ability via lies and siege to do the job they were sent to Washington to do. My goal is to vote against any currently elected public official in the next election. I understand the game but it is out of hand and we need a fresh inflow of untainted blood. Or at least not as tainted blood as currently seated politicians have. Your rhetoric “Miller Statement on passage of the budget control act” pasted below about Democrats not being concerned about spending and the current deficit issues is just plain manipulative lies. How could anyone not want the deficit to be reduced and even eliminated. You can spin doctor all you want but we are taking notice of what the Republican party is – a power hunger entity willing to sacrifice it’s soul for power, money and assumed prestige. It is not that difficult to figure out what is going on. The Democrats do not want to cut entailments or should I say Government spending cuts resulting in the US citizen getting screwed by its own Government. I do feel entitlements are a problem; and I mean they are a real problem, what conservative would say otherwise? However, battling this issue during a budget crisis is futile and obvious. I have completely lost respect for Republicans; you dish it out like the American people are idiots. Actually, is that not the central idea of the Democratic party? The notion they need to take care of us? I do not feel any love for Democrats but at least, if not in a skewed consensus – they are trying to take care of the people that put them in office. I am a conservative and I used to back the Republican party but you all have been embarrassing me in public to the point I have cut all ties to the Republican Party. Hard for me to believe the number one advocate of my leaning toward the Democrats is the Republican party itself. I am not a follower of politics, I have just had it from what I witness Republicans doing. A Politicians way of doing business aligns with the business sector’s top-down cut-throat screw-anyone to get rich policy. Big business has little interest in their employees other than what they can get from them. The Government is not a business and it is a bottom-up hierarchy. We the people are the ones to be calling the shots or at least that’s the way it was intended to be. I know how to read the constitution and I know how to read other documents our founding fathers wrote; what is going on in Washington has nothing to do with what the people want nor is it what our founding fathers wanted. In my 54 years alive in this world I have had my own personal battles against good and evil. The one thing I have found is the voice of good is quiet and the voice of evil is loud. I believe this is why Americans have so much trouble doing the right thing. Evil is sounding off so loudly we cannot hear what good would have us do. Perhaps you might relate to this yourself and make some changes in the way you govern that follows the path of the people who elected you. I would hope you would change because it’s the right thing to do. In all honesty I do not follow politics and I do not vote all the time. I’m referred to as “the silent majority”. Bruce Milne, Pensacola Florida – Small Business Owner, 54 years of age. ———————- Congressman Jeff Miller (R-FL-01) issued the following statement on the Budget Control Act, Balanced Budget Amendment: “Earlier this month, I voted for and the House of Representatives passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act. I still believe this is the most sensible solution to our fiscal crisis and the best shot at changing Washington as we know it. However, President Obama and the Democrat-controlled Senate have shown they are not serious about cutting the debt and want to continue down a reckless path with their policies of tax, spend and borrow. The Budget Control Act makes some serious spending reforms with cuts and caps totaling $917 billion over the next ten years. The bill cuts the FY2012 budget deficit by $22 billion and holds spending below FY2010 levels until FY2016, and paves the way for additional cuts. Under this legislation, taxes are not increased on America’s job creators and families, and both the House and Senate are forced to vote on a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, which would solidify fiscal responsibility in the Constitution. While the cuts in this bill are not as deep as those in the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act, I voted for this bill because it is the first step in changing the tax, spend and borrow culture that has plagued Washington, D.C.”


18 Jul

Trayvon Martin


Greg, this was worth reposting – it made me look into it. From what I see its most likely at least some or all of it is accurate, he might have been a pretty good kid overall, I don’t know.


However, if I grew my hair and beard long, drove up on a Harley wearing a patch with lightning bolts,  leathers and a bad attitude no matter who I was I would be drawing negative attention. In the movies, on the street and in our minds we know what a thug looks like and how they dress and we certainly know what they can do to us so… yes, the kid was a threat; don’t walk into a bank with a mask on – sh*t WILL happen.  Does that mean you can approach and shoot the kid? Hell no, call the cops – end of story, no need to have a Wal-Mart type of  rent a cop do any confrontation EVER. I believe they call it a neighborhood watch group, not a neighborhood harass, stalk, arrest or kill group.


Florida is a southern state, it’s just south of Paula Deans Georgia… There are attitudes and history here that cannot be completely understood without living among and in the south. The history in the South is based on the actions of a certain blacks that have stood out, like the one that shoved a gun in Paula Deans Face. If you are in the South and alone and a black man approaches you get nervous, not because they are black but because blacks have a history of violence where friends, family, coworkers and the elderly have been murdered and preyed upon for years – there is a history based on fact and experience that makes people afraid…. That’s just how it is and it is this way for a reason – the overall life experience southerners have.


If a black man was walking down the street in a red t-shirt, tennis shoes, short clean-cut hair and pants that fit he’s just another guy and I have a problem at all, no worries about his guy ever. He’s just a guy walking down the street. If I meet a guy walking down the street with his pants below his crotch, dreadlocks and a hoddie… I will be very cautious to the point I will lean against a building and let them pass. I’ll not allow them to follow behind me either. You dress according to who you are, as to how you see yourself. I see who you are by the way that you dress.


It was raining in Florida that day, the kid might have or most likely had the hood of his sweatshirt up to keep the rain off of his head but the young, they do like to look cool. The shooter is on the wrong no matter what the kid was wearing. End of story.


I advise you all however to not wear clothing known to be worn by criminals nor take actions that appear to be threatening no matter how cool you think you want to look. We are judged on what is on our outside first and foremost.


The trial, the incident is all based on race. We have the man from the Klan with a Tan fanning the flames on one side and we have the Racist conservative white fanning the flames from the other side. Jeeze, will we ever even try to stop all this stupid sh*t?


Until we all have enough food, clothing and shelter – in other words “Security” it will continue on. How about stopping war, defend our boarders and spend the money on healthcare, education, training and anything else that can even the playing field. The larger the gap between rich and poor the bigger this problem will be. The bigger any problem will be.





Conservatives are followers

25 Aug

Conservatives are followers, they believe in a hierarchical structure where they grant homage to the uppers and expect the same when they – in what conservatives refer to as – rise through the ranks. If you upset the cart you’re out of the …

club; this pecking order has becomes so ingrained in conservatives they believe this is how God wants life to be lived – it just feels right to them. Brown nose and kiss butt until it’s your turn to have your but kissed. The only talent needed to rise through the conservative ranks is kissing butt. No other talent is required. This is the structure conservatives understand as being America and being an American by conservitives. Anything different and you will be branded a traitor or worse. It’s always about money, always has been and always will be. Let’s say you lived 2000 or so years ago.. This guy comes along performing miracles and claiming he is the Son of God. Exciting at first since this has been a prophesized for quite a long time; you have been expecting him – it’s a glorious time!. Everything goes fine until the guy starts saying things you just do not like nor can adhere to. He states being rich will block you from heaven, he says spread your money among the poor and walk with me. Mankind does not change much and it would be my assumption the wealthy of the day denied the man based on having to give up money, property, prestige and position. So the wealthy claim him a prophet but nothing more and thank you very much for the advice but no thank you and the conservatives continue on and on and on and on and here we are today with conservatives convincing themselves of anything they choose to stay on top. You see, if they put religion or spiritual principle first they would lose what they want – money, property, prestige and position. You really can’t have those things if you are a true believer and the only way you could have those things is to smorgasbord the written word for your own benefit. Liberals are human and many including myself fragment the truth to fit our own lifestyle. The only real difference I can see at this level between conservatives and liberals is liberals still are able to think independently and are not bound by the pecking order, brown nosing and butt kissing to get to the top of the pile. Liberals are not trying to get to the top of the pile, the system of conservative pecking order is not ingrained into liberals and they are able to think independently. There it is, everything you ever need to know about history concerning conservitives and liberals. Liberals according to conservatives have no worthwhile agenda and there only goal is to hand out the 2%’s money to those on welfare and other entitlements. Kind of a Huey Long express lane for the lazy and weak. Conservatives will not consider valid facts presented by liberals because they do not wish to be associated with liberals and do not want to be like liberals… – you know how liberals are…. liberals are a bunch of tall, skinny poorly dressed hairy French looking men, sissy ath fags, circus tent stake pounding lesbians,  emotional PMS’ing woman, Black Panthers, Mexicans, atheists, those on entitlements and other less than desirable humans or white trash. This is the portrait painted by conservatives of liberals… Liberals as a group are what conservatives view as bottom of the barrel – unworthy. In a simplistic glimpse consider this: forward thinkers and movers do not dress in suits and were ties as a rule, they do not follow the status quo or pecking order. Liberals are a brave lot and are not afraid to think outside of the box or fight for what they believe in. Conservatives are so wrapped up in their pecking order for the gain of money, property, prestige and position they can see nothing but that – to them, that’s all there is. Humans are greedy – and yes, I am human also. I see the pecking order and have many times tried to join it to succeed only to find it leaving a bad taste in my mouth and I must back off. With conservatives you are either against them or for them – there is no middle. You go against conservatives and they will wage war on you. Republican Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism would be a good example of waging war against anyone who seems to be against conservatives. “He was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers inside the United States federal government and elsewhere. Ultimately, his tactics and inability to substantiate his claims led him to be censured by the United States Senate”.(wiki) In other words – he was wrong. Conservatives feel strongly about Religion and Patriotism; so do I. I am not religious myself but a guy by the name of Norman Greenbaum wrote a song about a “Spirit in the Sky”.. That works for me; it’s an individual and spiritual understanding of something greater than yourself that is not to be conditionally followed by someone else’s rules and traditions. Conservatives are most comfortable in a group of like thinkers like with Religion. Patriotism reflects people who are standup and solid human beings; willing to fight for the greater good, mom, apple pie and roast beef. Quite often liberals will fuss about going to war and appear to be unpatriotic. If we fight for mom, apple pie and roast beef I can assure you they would be there. Fight for oil, or oil, or oil and you will see resistance by those who do not want to die so conservatives can stay wealthy. To wrap up this POV all I can say is if you take the time to look at the facts it would be impossible to vote for conservatives in good conscience. I believe what I have written this will upset some people, this is not my intention and I have wanted to make these statements publicly for a while. I ask that you consider what I have stated and if you choose to comment or write a rebuttal use facts and not hate to refute what I have written.

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Conservatism (Latin: conservare, “to retain”)

12 Aug

History does repeat itself.

Conservatism (Latin: conservare, “to retain”)

Revolutionary times:
They had a long-standing sentimental attachment to Britain (often with business and family links). They were procrastinators who realized that independence was bound to come some day, but wanted to postpone the moment. They were cautious and afraid of anarchy or tyranny that might come from mob rule.
Finally they were pessimists “who lacked the confidence in the future displayed by the Patriots.”

Post revolutionary times:
The Federalist Party dominated by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton and by businessmen and merchants in the major cities were supportive of the modernizing, urbanizing, financial policies of Hamilton.
“These policies included the funding of the national debt”

Intellectually, Federalists, while devoted to liberty, held profoundly conservative views attuned to the American character. They believed that liberty is inseparable from union, that men are essentially unequal, that vox populi [voice of the people] is seldom if ever vox Dei [the voice of God], and that sinister outside influences are busy undermining American integrity, As time went on, the Federalists lost appeal with the average voter and were generally not equal to the tasks of party organization.

Perhaps we are again tiring of their ideal – in which conservatives feel themselves superior to the average man and carry on with the idea “that sinister outside influences are busy undermining American integrity”.  That sentence could fuel countless conservatives into believing they must stay a ruling class; but is actually  an excuse for consciously raping the average American of their income.

Conservatism, misdiagnosed – misunderstood

12 Aug
“Conservatism is not so much a philosophy as an attitude, a constant force, performing a timeless function in the development of a free society, and corresponding to a deep and permanent requirement of human nature itself. (wiki) I guess in a liberal-political sense I could state “basing your decisions on a primordial  knee-jerk reaction to life is not prudent” but… I beleive this idea explains to me why I was conservative and resistant to change and liberals for so long. If something feels right it will take an immense counter influence to change a mind and see things differently. Since 911 the question of “why do conservatives’ need to lie, blame and incorporate hate against an opponent to win an election” has troubled me. Through a resistant and biased investigation I slowly changed from a faith in conservatism – a feeling – to an intellectual and factual political belief system as a liberal. My s…

piritual beliefs have helped me to understand my conservative alignment of the past. Wars have been fought since the beginning of time in the name of God. A strong juju in which many will fight to the death to protect. Conservatism does not base itself in logic or on empirical data, it bases itself on a feeling or attitude of “this is what I am supposed to be doing, this is how it’s supposed to be”. I believe this is also the reason many believe blindly in a God they can never hear nor see. You just know – you feel it and rely on it – you innately know it is so.. I am a believer and if you try to tell me that a God does not exist – I’ll not listen to a word you say. In other words, my belief is based on a feeling and not on actual proof a God exists. It would seem with this post I have just stated that either God exists or God does not exist comparing an innate knowledge against actual proof. Here is the dilemma conservatives’ face – Do I follow a deep conviction or do I follow what makes sense – more of a WWJD than ?. Here again I believe there is a needed balance of the two and it also explains why being a conservative and religion are so tightly intertwined. I leave you without an answer as this is a very personal decision, I would however ask that you consider what I have posted without stating this is just liberal rhetoric geared to ,,,,,? Everything is a choice. After a long time, after allowing something other than an innate knowledge to dictate my beliefs – I have found what I believe is the right way for America to proceed. But again, a balance is needed – there are times when liberals need to be reined in and conservatives’ need to be prodded to move forward. I would perfer for politcal conversations to based on understanding rather than predjudice In other words everyone is right and everyone is wrong and balance is the key.