A work in progress

5 Aug

Well, I’ll start it like this. I do not consider myself a bigot or a severely prejudice man so when I use words like Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims etc.; I’m not intending to slam anyone – just identify a group or people or race or religion or culture or ? D0n’t take any of this to seriously, I’m not out to be right or harass anyone though I will post what I see – consider it all questions and not fact. I will be quite direct in the ideas I post, I’m only trying to  to seek out truth. Catch me on a bad day and I could post a little posion. Flawed, remember?

I am a dunked and delivered Christian and have been since 2000. I’m going to start out slow and go with how I view the Bible. There is of course the Old Testament and the New Testament. My general view is the Old Testament was like a demanding and punishing father showing you right from wrong and pointing out the punishments that go with bad behavior. The New Testament is the new deal, man has come of age and now it’s time to get out on your own. The New Testament is my book, it’s what I go by and I have nothing to do with the Old Testament; it is book written by and for another religion and does not apply to me except as a lesson in history as to where Christianity began. I follow the New Testament in the typical smorgasboard manner, I am flawed and it shows. Told a preacher once after being insulted during a service when I asked two women to stop talking… that there where a lot of sinners in here, he said good place for them huh? I don’t attend church any longer; to competitive for me though I love the music they had and the preacher had lived, understood what it’s like to be a flawed human and was able to pass on his experience via a sermon. I had a problem with the people attending.

I do not belong to any group, or cause other than my own which is finding the truth and attempting to make others aware of it. Not much luck so far, that’s why I’m here.

I also follow the idea that none of us can understand God, each religion or faith has its own slant on God, but when it’s all said and done – put them all together and somewhere in the middle lays the truth. I’m Christian only because that’s what I was exposed to and I have no reason to switch to another partially correct religion.

So there is a starting point; something to chat about. Since no one but me is chatting I’ll move forward onto branches of these ideas.


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