The use if Religion and politics

6 Aug

I’ve been rethinking this keeping religion out of government and well, like it or not I agree. I considered the fact that most laws will reflect in some way on the bible. Nothing wrong with that, what we believe in is what we base our convictions on. Going a little further though if you actually take a look at the bible, the Old Testament is a Jewish handbook not Christian and  yes; the Old Testament implies that men should not sleep with men and women should not sleep with women. Sounds like an issue if your Jewish to me. But let me ask those spouting marriage is only between a man and a woman and Gays should not have equal rights. Ok, the Old Testament states this but there are also hundreds of other Jewish laws in the Old Testament and the only one I hear is about gays marriage… What’s up with that?  Are you all enjoying your ham sandwiches? Resting on Sunday?

Here’s a few from the Old Testament to work on before proudly spotting you a Christian and telling gays they cannot marry or they are not to have the same rights as heterosexuals.

To learn Torah and to teach it (Deut. 6:7),

To affix the mezuzah to the door posts and gates of your house (Deut. 6:9),

Not to cherish hatred in one’s heart (Lev. 19:17),

Not to refrain from maintaining a poor man and giving him what he needs (Deut. 15:7),

To give charity according to one’s means (Deut. 15:11),

There are 613 laws according to


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