Boycotting Chic-fill-a????

6 Aug

Boycotting Chic-fill-a????

This is a free country and Mr. Cathy can do as he pleases with his money and with his mouth. I for one will not be boycotting him or Chic-fill-a…. I like the food and I like the freedom to choose where I eat. Don’t confuse the changes you would like to see in this country with  people or corporations and what they have to say. For all we know Mr. Cathy is a large contributor to the Republican party and was requested to make the statement to further drive people apart – to one side or the other.  The reality is if the Republican party did not use manipulative statements and misinformation to the public and do so through a money hungry press that will print anything if it will be read and increase their profits; the world would be 98% Democrat’s.

Stay focused on the issues at hand, do not allow them to move your focus away from the struggle for equal rights for everyone. If we want equal freedom, equal rights for everyone –  it goes all the way around, they get it too. Expressing publically on Facebook your displeasure with the man or company is a right granted by the constitution. He has the same right and can state he does not like gays and he beleives it’s against the Bible. His talk is no different than yours if your against Chic-fill-a. Lose the crazy passion (attitude) and make decisions while you are calm and collected. These folks are wrong in my eyes but screaming and threatening typically is the actions of a bully. You cannot claim yourself a liberal and act the way a Republican does and expect to be heard. Be different.


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