Gay mariage

6 Aug

About gay marriage

Well, got to say it. Why would any American refuse to give equal rights so freely given them to another American who wants the American Dream as they do? It is because they are different. It is because they make us uncomfortable – if I see two men making out I actually get a bit sick to my stomach. I don’t like it – but  I don’t not like it to the point I’m going to stand in the way of their freedom of choice. Gay marriage is not what this is about; it’s about a politically party who is attempting to sway people on their beliefs. If you have nothing to offer the common man and you need their support the best way to gain support is pluck and pull at their religious and patriotic views; thus dividing and cutting them from the heard via hatred. Their only interest is support for the continued progression of their cause. Themselves and money..

We cannot go back home, we can never have it as it was, we can never realize again the wonders of the world the way it was when we were young. The best I can do is understand that everyone is different and are to be allowed by me the same freedoms I am. I need to understand  I don’t know it all and I sure as heck don’t know what Gods will is. I am truly blessed to live in this Country where freedom rains – on all of us. God bless America, land of the free and the home of the brave. You have to really want freedom, it doesn’t come easy.

It’s a new world order and I can either become a grumpy old man and pine for the good old days or live for today and allow those behind us the same trail and error process we had along the way. You never know, they might be right – we were huh?

The only thing that doesn’t change, is change.


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