Lower taxs on the wealthy to create jobs

6 Aug

Well, there is no such thing as a benevolent company, they do not exist and never have and never will. You can cut taxes on the wealthy and no new jobs will be created; only demand of product will increase job opportunity. I would tend to trust the government considerably more than I would ever trust – entities that cares more about money than human life.


No one really wants big government; however, if big business is allowed to continue on as they have focusing only on the bottom line and not taking into consideration America or Americans.. Americans will lose and they have been. Big business if not regulated will continue to converge on and devour anyone or anything it can profit from. Some may think that is the American Dream but it’s not. It’s just greed with no consideration for anything but money and more money and not a tear will drop for what they destroy or who they destroy along the way. I think I’ll go with government and government regulation on this one. The only thing corporations have in mind is profits and people just do not fit into that equation.


If you can believe that corporate America will take the general population into consideration when doing business then I would support what you say. But right now, what I wrote above is what I see.



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