Our Finacial System

6 Aug

The more I look at our financial system the more I find there is no actual financial system in this country. It’s more of a scheme to fleece Americans of their earnings and further empower the wealthy. I’m beginning to regret researching our political and governmental systems to enable myself to make good decisions in the upcoming elections.

One can become somewhat obsessed over the truth about it all… You want to be a Paul Revere and yell at the top of your lungs about what you have witnessed to make people hear and see the state of our country concerning wealth and the distribution of wealth.. Americans heard “the British are coming” because they were aware of the threat. Unless Americans believes there is a threat to them change will not take place.

Took a lot for me to wake up and take a good look, I was pried out of my comfort zone screaming and kicking – but this former conservative has defiantly woken up.


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