Conservatism, misdiagnosed – misunderstood

12 Aug
“Conservatism is not so much a philosophy as an attitude, a constant force, performing a timeless function in the development of a free society, and corresponding to a deep and permanent requirement of human nature itself. (wiki) I guess in a liberal-political sense I could state “basing your decisions on a primordial  knee-jerk reaction to life is not prudent” but… I beleive this idea explains to me why I was conservative and resistant to change and liberals for so long. If something feels right it will take an immense counter influence to change a mind and see things differently. Since 911 the question of “why do conservatives’ need to lie, blame and incorporate hate against an opponent to win an election” has troubled me. Through a resistant and biased investigation I slowly changed from a faith in conservatism – a feeling – to an intellectual and factual political belief system as a liberal. My s…

piritual beliefs have helped me to understand my conservative alignment of the past. Wars have been fought since the beginning of time in the name of God. A strong juju in which many will fight to the death to protect. Conservatism does not base itself in logic or on empirical data, it bases itself on a feeling or attitude of “this is what I am supposed to be doing, this is how it’s supposed to be”. I believe this is also the reason many believe blindly in a God they can never hear nor see. You just know – you feel it and rely on it – you innately know it is so.. I am a believer and if you try to tell me that a God does not exist – I’ll not listen to a word you say. In other words, my belief is based on a feeling and not on actual proof a God exists. It would seem with this post I have just stated that either God exists or God does not exist comparing an innate knowledge against actual proof. Here is the dilemma conservatives’ face – Do I follow a deep conviction or do I follow what makes sense – more of a WWJD than ?. Here again I believe there is a needed balance of the two and it also explains why being a conservative and religion are so tightly intertwined. I leave you without an answer as this is a very personal decision, I would however ask that you consider what I have posted without stating this is just liberal rhetoric geared to ,,,,,? Everything is a choice. After a long time, after allowing something other than an innate knowledge to dictate my beliefs – I have found what I believe is the right way for America to proceed. But again, a balance is needed – there are times when liberals need to be reined in and conservatives’ need to be prodded to move forward. I would perfer for politcal conversations to based on understanding rather than predjudice In other words everyone is right and everyone is wrong and balance is the key.

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