Conservatives are followers

25 Aug

Conservatives are followers, they believe in a hierarchical structure where they grant homage to the uppers and expect the same when they – in what conservatives refer to as – rise through the ranks. If you upset the cart you’re out of the …

club; this pecking order has becomes so ingrained in conservatives they believe this is how God wants life to be lived – it just feels right to them. Brown nose and kiss butt until it’s your turn to have your but kissed. The only talent needed to rise through the conservative ranks is kissing butt. No other talent is required. This is the structure conservatives understand as being America and being an American by conservitives. Anything different and you will be branded a traitor or worse. It’s always about money, always has been and always will be. Let’s say you lived 2000 or so years ago.. This guy comes along performing miracles and claiming he is the Son of God. Exciting at first since this has been a prophesized for quite a long time; you have been expecting him – it’s a glorious time!. Everything goes fine until the guy starts saying things you just do not like nor can adhere to. He states being rich will block you from heaven, he says spread your money among the poor and walk with me. Mankind does not change much and it would be my assumption the wealthy of the day denied the man based on having to give up money, property, prestige and position. So the wealthy claim him a prophet but nothing more and thank you very much for the advice but no thank you and the conservatives continue on and on and on and on and here we are today with conservatives convincing themselves of anything they choose to stay on top. You see, if they put religion or spiritual principle first they would lose what they want – money, property, prestige and position. You really can’t have those things if you are a true believer and the only way you could have those things is to smorgasbord the written word for your own benefit. Liberals are human and many including myself fragment the truth to fit our own lifestyle. The only real difference I can see at this level between conservatives and liberals is liberals still are able to think independently and are not bound by the pecking order, brown nosing and butt kissing to get to the top of the pile. Liberals are not trying to get to the top of the pile, the system of conservative pecking order is not ingrained into liberals and they are able to think independently. There it is, everything you ever need to know about history concerning conservitives and liberals. Liberals according to conservatives have no worthwhile agenda and there only goal is to hand out the 2%’s money to those on welfare and other entitlements. Kind of a Huey Long express lane for the lazy and weak. Conservatives will not consider valid facts presented by liberals because they do not wish to be associated with liberals and do not want to be like liberals… – you know how liberals are…. liberals are a bunch of tall, skinny poorly dressed hairy French looking men, sissy ath fags, circus tent stake pounding lesbians,  emotional PMS’ing woman, Black Panthers, Mexicans, atheists, those on entitlements and other less than desirable humans or white trash. This is the portrait painted by conservatives of liberals… Liberals as a group are what conservatives view as bottom of the barrel – unworthy. In a simplistic glimpse consider this: forward thinkers and movers do not dress in suits and were ties as a rule, they do not follow the status quo or pecking order. Liberals are a brave lot and are not afraid to think outside of the box or fight for what they believe in. Conservatives are so wrapped up in their pecking order for the gain of money, property, prestige and position they can see nothing but that – to them, that’s all there is. Humans are greedy – and yes, I am human also. I see the pecking order and have many times tried to join it to succeed only to find it leaving a bad taste in my mouth and I must back off. With conservatives you are either against them or for them – there is no middle. You go against conservatives and they will wage war on you. Republican Joseph McCarthy and McCarthyism would be a good example of waging war against anyone who seems to be against conservatives. “He was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers inside the United States federal government and elsewhere. Ultimately, his tactics and inability to substantiate his claims led him to be censured by the United States Senate”.(wiki) In other words – he was wrong. Conservatives feel strongly about Religion and Patriotism; so do I. I am not religious myself but a guy by the name of Norman Greenbaum wrote a song about a “Spirit in the Sky”.. That works for me; it’s an individual and spiritual understanding of something greater than yourself that is not to be conditionally followed by someone else’s rules and traditions. Conservatives are most comfortable in a group of like thinkers like with Religion. Patriotism reflects people who are standup and solid human beings; willing to fight for the greater good, mom, apple pie and roast beef. Quite often liberals will fuss about going to war and appear to be unpatriotic. If we fight for mom, apple pie and roast beef I can assure you they would be there. Fight for oil, or oil, or oil and you will see resistance by those who do not want to die so conservatives can stay wealthy. To wrap up this POV all I can say is if you take the time to look at the facts it would be impossible to vote for conservatives in good conscience. I believe what I have written this will upset some people, this is not my intention and I have wanted to make these statements publicly for a while. I ask that you consider what I have stated and if you choose to comment or write a rebuttal use facts and not hate to refute what I have written.

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