In the Defense of the Constitution:

18 Jul

In the Defense of the Constitution:

No one has changed the Original Constitution of the United States of America though it has continued to be amended. The Amendments are referred to as the Bill of Rights; the Bill of Rights has gone through some changes through the years and will continue to as we change as a people and a nation. Many have been added and  some have been repealed.

Shout Out  “the Bill of Rights has been altered” and you will not get much of a stir, shout out the Constitution has been altered and you could start a riot. Again, the Constitution of The United States of America has not been changed. The 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights has been redefined as most all of the Amendments have throughout the history of the United States of America.

I’ve been seeing posts on how the Constitution has been violated by the NSA’s collection of email and phone data on American citizens. We knew all about this, it’s called the Patriot Act. We were all for it after 9/11 – what’s changed? Anything? Or is someone trying to create a stir based on false accusations and twisted words?

The 4th Amendment was fully ratified in 1791, a bit before computers, email, assault rifles etc. Times change and we need to change with them, we must change with them to remain a viable Nation and to survive.

In August 2008, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review ruled that the President and the Congress had the authority to wiretap international phone calls and intercept e-mail messages without a specific court order.[86]

Lower court findings:

On March 11, 2010, the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled, in Rehberg v. Paulk, 598 F.3d 1268, that a person does not have a reasonable expectation of privacy in an e-mail once any copy of the communication is delivered to a third party.[91]

On December 14, 2010, in United States v. Warshak, the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that a person has a reasonable expectation of privacy in his emails and that the government violated Warshak’s Fourth Amendment rights by compelling his internet service provider to turn over his emails without first obtaining a warrant based upon probable cause.[92]

On January 3, 2011, in The People v. Gregory Diaz, the Supreme Court of California ruled for allowing warrantless search by the police of suspects’ cell phones at the time of the arrest, on the grounds of preventing destruction of evidence such as text messages:[93] the loss of privacy upon arrest extends beyond the arrestee’s body to include “personal property… immediately associated with the person of the arrestee” at the time of arrest. […] this loss of privacy entitles police not only to “seize” anything of importance they find on the arrestee’s body […], but also to open and examine what they find.

So I ask you, is there really anything going on right now that has not gone on throughout the history of the United States? This appears to be just another attempt by Conservatives to terrorize the people of this Country via fear and confusion to win support for their agenda which is – never change anything ever.

To what end?

If your political party’s platform is “don’t change anything” you’re going to have to do something to rally supporters. Use issues pertaining to alleged Christian values skewed from an ancient text, use misinformation like they are trying to take our guns away”.. “they are destroying the Constitution” and many, many more. No platform, just accusations and stating we will save you from all of this. No one can make good decisions when fearful and confused, if you keep people off balanced and you offer to remove the fear, they will agree to almost anything.

Conservatives shout out the Nation is sinking into an abyssal. It is, but not because of court decisions pertaining to the protection of American Citizens from: Terrorism, Assault Weapons, Weapons of Mass Destruction, organized crime, the importation of drugs or any other instance that is a threat to us. It’s from not being able to change enough to fit our country and its people progressing in their lives.

I am actually amazed that the bombing in Boston is the first in 12 years of post 9/11. So you think terrorists just stopped trying? They’re afraid of us now right? They have resigned themselves to attacking other countries because it’s easier? I don’t think so. It’s because we are able to change our laws to fit the current situation and protect the people of the United States from outside entities and inside instabilities.

Are the liberals right? No they are not right but at least they use facts and intelligence to determine the right path for the people of the US.

It’s about money and it will always be.


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