Seniors Being Carded at local Restaurants

18 Jul
The latest angle of Identity Theft Even those in their 50 and 60’s are being forced to show their Drivers License to be able to drink alcohol in establishments like Buffalo Wild Wings and other chains because it’s their policy. Employees a…t these establishments have had their bartenders and servers extracting your information when they view your Driver’s License. They target older or retired people that look well-to-do. When you show your Drivers License as an ID your giving out: 1. Your first, middle and last name 2. Your DL number 3. Your Birth date 4. Your complete address This is enough information to get a Social Security card replaced. Using this method those involved in identity theft have been able to “pick” their victims.  If you look to be well-to-do you’re a prime target, it may take a server or bartender a couple of times to remember and write down the information but it is being done. At the store I now use the debit function and if I am carded I will not show my ID – anywhere.

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