18 Jul

Trayvon Martin


Greg, this was worth reposting – it made me look into it. From what I see its most likely at least some or all of it is accurate, he might have been a pretty good kid overall, I don’t know.


However, if I grew my hair and beard long, drove up on a Harley wearing a patch with lightning bolts,  leathers and a bad attitude no matter who I was I would be drawing negative attention. In the movies, on the street and in our minds we know what a thug looks like and how they dress and we certainly know what they can do to us so… yes, the kid was a threat; don’t walk into a bank with a mask on – sh*t WILL happen.  Does that mean you can approach and shoot the kid? Hell no, call the cops – end of story, no need to have a Wal-Mart type of  rent a cop do any confrontation EVER. I believe they call it a neighborhood watch group, not a neighborhood harass, stalk, arrest or kill group.


Florida is a southern state, it’s just south of Paula Deans Georgia… There are attitudes and history here that cannot be completely understood without living among and in the south. The history in the South is based on the actions of a certain blacks that have stood out, like the one that shoved a gun in Paula Deans Face. If you are in the South and alone and a black man approaches you get nervous, not because they are black but because blacks have a history of violence where friends, family, coworkers and the elderly have been murdered and preyed upon for years – there is a history based on fact and experience that makes people afraid…. That’s just how it is and it is this way for a reason – the overall life experience southerners have.


If a black man was walking down the street in a red t-shirt, tennis shoes, short clean-cut hair and pants that fit he’s just another guy and I have a problem at all, no worries about his guy ever. He’s just a guy walking down the street. If I meet a guy walking down the street with his pants below his crotch, dreadlocks and a hoddie… I will be very cautious to the point I will lean against a building and let them pass. I’ll not allow them to follow behind me either. You dress according to who you are, as to how you see yourself. I see who you are by the way that you dress.


It was raining in Florida that day, the kid might have or most likely had the hood of his sweatshirt up to keep the rain off of his head but the young, they do like to look cool. The shooter is on the wrong no matter what the kid was wearing. End of story.


I advise you all however to not wear clothing known to be worn by criminals nor take actions that appear to be threatening no matter how cool you think you want to look. We are judged on what is on our outside first and foremost.


The trial, the incident is all based on race. We have the man from the Klan with a Tan fanning the flames on one side and we have the Racist conservative white fanning the flames from the other side. Jeeze, will we ever even try to stop all this stupid sh*t?


Until we all have enough food, clothing and shelter – in other words “Security” it will continue on. How about stopping war, defend our boarders and spend the money on healthcare, education, training and anything else that can even the playing field. The larger the gap between rich and poor the bigger this problem will be. The bigger any problem will be.






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