I’m just a regular guy who  has more than a few questions and ideas about life. I was posting some of the political stuff on facebook but  I decided to not bother those folks with what may range from random thoughts to shear genius. I’m of average intelegence though I do see the world in a way that most do not and I do feel the way life is today, is all wrong – that it’s really not supposed to be like this and we have lost our way. I have felt this way from an early age and it has not varried much. Age has helped to understand things better but the base beleifes have not changed. Actually, the more I become aware of the world the more I beleiveI have been on the right track since I was a kid.

I voted for Jimmy Carter in 1976 – my first election and decided afterwards I was not quailfied to vote. 30 some years passed and I started voring again in 2008. I still voted republican and found out I was still not qualified to vote. (hotest governer from the coldest state thing). Since 9/11 I have been using Snopes mostly and mainstream media to verify what people send me or post on Facebook. I found so much BS all the way around I became more interested in verifying information and and passing that information on… well, that’s how I got here.

I felt I was a conservitive until I was forced to look at politics and after trying to prove materials I have been sent as right or wrong. I am now a liberal for all the right reasons.

Read, reply if you like. If you disagree please be specific on why you do not. This is as much for me to learn more as it is to posts what I see.

Stat’s: 55 year old male, married, works in technology, ride Harleys and sailboats. Outdoorsy and adventureious. My wife and I have been rebuilding a ocean going yacht for the past  five years with the hope that we can live on the boat and cruise – wherever we like, according to finaces. We are not well off but like most we manage to break even most of the time. I’ve been self employed for the past seven years but I have tired of it and will now move onto something else.

That’s it for now, I have good days and I have bad days and my comments reflect this. Look it this thing in it’s whole. sometimes I’ll piss people off and not mean to; this mostly due to the mood or difficuties I am experiaicing at the time.

Thank – Uuncommon Sense

I think I’m quite funny but it has been pointed out that I am “Fun” and not funny and there is a differance.



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