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Waylaid and wide-eyed

6 Aug

Maybe we liberals could lower the emotion and the posting of passionate statements so we do not look quite as stupid as conservatives do. My whole deal this election is to show folks what the truth is concerning propaganda, miss-information and plain old lies – by either side. I have chosen a side now – I get it. I have been a latent liberal waylaid by the cheap chatter and tricks of the conservative party. Their goal is to keep folks all riled up and upset. If your pissed off, upset or in any state of temporary insanity you will not make good decisions. So why would we allow ourselves to be continually pissed off, upset or in any state of temporary insanity? Believe it or not – hate is a lot of fun. Self righteous indignation has been one of my favorite pastimes as a conservative. Look down and see that everyone less than you is lazy scum bags, look up and see how the rich take advantage of us and complain how it’s not fair. Not anymore…. I got pissed off enough to look for the truth and it lead me here.

The primary tactic conservatives use to keep folks off balance and ignorant is to keep them emotional worked up and angry. This is the total agenda of the conservatives and it works. If you get it, if you take the time to see what’s going on – you can see it works just fine. Why would anyone that makes less than $150k or less vote republican? For Jesus? For the betterment of Americans? For a better America? I don’t think so.

This is from the movie “The American President”

They are (He is) interested in two

things and two things only: Making

you afraid of it and telling you

who’s to blame for it. That, ladies

and gentlemen, is how you win


We are trying to be better humans and look to one another as equals. Hating up or down does not help anything. Chill out and look at the facts; it’s all right there in front of you. No tactics needed, just a little common sense.